Q: coolant tube at back of motor needs to be replaced. on 2001 Lincoln Town Car

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Mechanic says manifolds AlWAYS break when their taken off to replace pipe. Is this true? please help. Doesn't sound right to me. I know they give up front under heavy load. But Cracking when removed?
(2) Answers
Go to youtube, enter what you want to do, i think there is a video on how this can be done without manifold removal-!! Check it out!! 10-8 , just looked at the video, that is the way to go with this repair! Can save you HUNDREDS opposed to intake R&R. Now, i agree with #2, if intake IS removed and has not been upgraded, by all means, replace it with the newest one available!
If the intake manifold has not already been updated to the new one do yourself a favor and replace it with the job. You'll be better off in the long run.