Q: coolant resevoir tank blew a 5 inch rip i relaced it car ran for 3/4 mile ,and on 1997 BMW 528i

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overheated sat it for 2 hours and was able to drive it home, it starts, it runs but if i drive it more than a mile it starts to smell and steam comes out from underhood ive known i have had an oil leak for sometime but have not had the money to fix it i know its not a head gasket because car purrs there is a rainbow color leak rt under drivers side near tire well any advice?
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potential causes:
AIR — Air in the system.
Restricted Coolant
Cracked Cylinder Head
Leaking Cylinder Head Gasket
Loose Drive Belt
Defective Water Pump
u all seem to be pointing to a leak in a head gasket
so thats what ill shoot to get fixed. ill go for the
simpler fixes and go down your list and pray its not the
water pump...thank you much

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We think it could be an air pocket as well, but if you are seeing steam you must have another coolant leak. We would also recommend checking to see if there was or is any head gasket damage. Oil leak could be PCV system pretty common on BMW's.
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