Q: Coolant low indicator comes on a lot. on 1998 Jaguar XK8

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Seems to lose coolant. Sometimes leaks after parking or in the garage, sometimes not. Little reservoir under bonnet on driver side is low. Noboday can find the leak. Sometimes I smell coolant.
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I would suspect the water pump shaft seal that at times will leak and then not leak depending on engine temp and therefore seal swell and shrink. Common on lots of vehicles. Could also have slight seepage at the head gasket again depending on engine temp as head swells and contracts. Have the compression tested and pressure test engine at different temps.
Thanks for the info. But this has happened since I drove it from the lot. I have seen some other notes on XK8's having these problems, with lots of different proposed solutions. Have you seen the water pump and/or head gasket issue on these particular cars?
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