Q: coolant loss on 1994 Honda Civic

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Hi people. My civic dx loses coolant and I can't tell where its going. I cant see any visible leaks and there are no puddles under the car. When the coolant level gets low the temp guage will spike up and fall down. I have changed the thermostat already. The guage can read hot but the car runs generally fine, no bogging down or anything. I turn it off and it starts right up. I have to put in coolant every 200 miles or so. Where is it going? Please help me!
(2) Answers
You will need to have the Cooling system pressure tested and inspected for Head Gasket problems if no external leaks are found. Removal of Spark plugs will be required for this Inspection. Special tools and adapters will also be required. It would be best to have a qualified mechanic perform Inspection.
I'm sorry to inform you that you probably have a blown headgasket. Have a compression check done. It will cost about $1000 to repair a blown headgaket.
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