Q: Coolant light stays on till vehicle is driven a few miles. Is this a problem ? on 2005 Audi A4 Quattro

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Recently purchased, tried to check fluid, not finding dipstick. Is there another way that it is checked? Vehicle starts in AM fine, Coolant light comes on and doesn't shut off until engine is driven a few miles.
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I have the same exact issue, except I have intermittent coolant loss. It will say coolant level is low, then i'll drive it for a few miles, maybe even less and then it goes out. I look at the reserve tank and there's just above the min. Level mark. . Then maybe a few days later, I'll come back to my car the next morning and right in front of the engine, underneath there's a spot of something leaking.. Green. I assume it's the coolant, but I don't out green coolant in.. When I look undernesth in front of the car, the what I assume to be the oil pan, has that green liquid coolant maybe dripping from it. Not sure if the leak is coming from there, or above. Ugh