Q: coolant leak, origin unfound upon inspection,appears to be wettest near the starter on 1999 Lincoln Town Car

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experiencing coolant loss. coolant appears to be coming from area near starter. checked engine top to bottom to include hoses,clamps,freeze plugs,heater hose connections,water pump weep hole. only happens after car has been driven. no leak(except residual)when parked.
(2) Answers

Are you entirely certain that it is not traveling to the starter from a crack at the intake manifold - near the thermostat housing? This was extremely common on this model. The leak could be traveling downward - check there first.

Other than that, a pressure test of your cooling system is in order to determine the exact source of your leak. Good luck, and do let us know what you find!
It maybe a freeze plug because I just had that problem two months ago it was the freeze plug behind the transmission. But I replaced them all just because one had came out.or it could be the hose under your intake or the plastic intake or ur intake gasket. GOOD LUCK HOPE IT'S NOT THE FREEZE PLUGS