coolant fans one working one not any ideas? on 2009 Ford Edge

Passenger side is working, the drivers side not.

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Check the big fuses ... if ok... 'Reply' here for more info!!.. There's a couple problems with these cooling fan 'modules' I have had in the shop..
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I had problems with my 2008 overheating at random. I could not figure out why. Changed thermostat and it didn't fix it. Noticed fans were not working at all times. I could touch the fan blades and they would start spinning. I replaced the fans and everything seemed to be working fine for about a week. Then the new fans started doing the same thing. Finally figured out that the plug for the fan had a loose connection and was shorting out the fan motors. So in the end a piece of electrical tape on the plug was all I needed to fix the issue. Seems the loose conception at the plug is a.common issue.