Q: Coolan Leak on 2003 Toyota Camry

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Car started overheating, took it to my mechanic and asked to have the thermostat/gasket changed, rad cap replaced, cooling system flushed. He advised me that I had a leak at the intake manifold (made of plastic) and to take the car to the dealer. He'd called the dealer and they have the part ($450 ea.) in stock and he had seen this on one other customer's Camry but wasn't sure what the outcome was.

Car is at the dealer, they're saying it's NOT the intake manifold but they'd have to remove the manifold to further diagnose.

Ever heard of this? Any suggestions?
(2) Answers
A Coolant Leak is a pretty basic diagnosis. I am surprised that the dealer is not aware if a pattern failure for this vehicle which is 6 -7 model years old. If you Pressure Test the system, even over night, there should be a trail of coolant from the source of the leak. There is also a Black Light Dye that can be used which I have found to be extremely helpful. Good Luck!
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