Q: Convertible top stuck in half closed position on 2002 BMW 330Ci

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When trying to raise the convertible soft top the operation stopped before fully closing. Checked fuses, all okay. Read book on manually closing top. Attempted to remove the panel between back seats. Doesn't want to open. Stuck now with rain this morning. Tarp over the car. Need help.
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I've discovered that the wire harness that runs from the trunk lid, into the car body/ trunk, is very prone to wires being stretched and chafing or braking. I confirmed the problem in my car. My situation is a top thet won't go up, because it thinks the trunk is open (as falsely indicated on my instrument warning lights).

As bad as my wires are (and pictures I've seen from other owners), I wouldn't be at all surprised to find that they could break as the top is in motion.

I don't know if this is actually your situation, but I would GENTLY check the condition of thw wires inside the snorkel (the rubber tube from the trunk lid to the trunk), and I would remove the trunkLID cover trim (you'll have to take the tool box off but that's actually pretty easy to do)so that you can get a thorough look at everything.

If this isn't the source of problems now, it will be. Just a matter of time, unless they have been repaired already.
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