Q: Convertible top freezes on 2001 Volvo C70

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My 2001 C70 is in the shop for the 4th time for the same problem. Over the last few months when I go to open the top it freezes in the same exact position and will not go up or down. The dealer has changed a sensor, changed the flaps, and recalibrate it and I still have the problem. Now they tell me it's my battery which I find extremely hard to believe. I noticed this last time there was a code in the area where the clock is which says "DISC". Would this have anything to do with the shift lock button which gets stuck sometimes?
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"DISC" is referring to the outside temperature sensor, saying it is "Disconnected". The sensor is down by the lower front of the radiator and often gets ripped off by hitting a low curb.
The convertible tops are fairly involved and you really need someone who knows exactly how these work. It sounds like the shop is addressing it but without seeing their notes or talking to them it's hard to know if their on the right track or not. I would have them guarantee that if you replace the battery it will fix it and if not they will pay for it. Don't let them guess with your money.
Thank you so much for your quick response....If it was the battery wouldn't the top get stuck going up also? It only gets stuck going down and at the exact same point every time. Not sure if I'm allowed to ask more questions...Thanks for the DISC info! :)
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