Q: CONVERTABLE TOP on 2004 Cadillac XLR

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my 04 xlr top wont go up.i push the button the trunk goes through its cycle raises all the way up.the roof section twitches like it wants to move but doesnt.u can hear the pump running the whole time but the roof section never moves.if i hold the button down and lift on it ,it will go up with my help.once it gets to windsheild fram it sucks its self down and get it down i also hafta force it down.once all the way down the trunk works perfect.the fluid is at the max level.also is there a code that i can press on the climate controll panell to get it to flash problem codes for the body systems
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this uses hydraulic cylinders to move the top and an
electrically driven hydraulic pump. if you force down this top, you will damage it. unless you have a factory
manual, you cannot diagnose this problem. suggest a shop that has a good GM technician familiar with the XLR. there are some repairs that you should not tackle and this is one of them.