Q: Continuos noise when A/C turned off on 1998 Chevrolet Prizm

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I get a loud and continuos noice when I trun off the A/C. It sounds like it may have to do with the A/C clutch. It goes away when the A/C is turned back on. Is this something that I can fix myself? What parts would I need? Thanks.
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I would first verify the noise you are hearing is coming from the air conditioning compressor. Often noise from the drive belt system can change when the compressor is engaged and not causing the tension on the belt system to change. Be very cautious when attempting to determine the noise as your vehicle has cooling fans that can be dangerous.

With the air conditioning off and the vehicle running turn the steering wheel from full left to right multiple times, if the sound persists and with no change repeat the process with the air conditioning on to eliminate the power steering pump as the source. Next with help from someone have them sit in the vehicle and turn the air conditioning on and off while you watch the tension of the belt and determine if the noise is coming from either the tension pulley or idler pulley. After eliminating these components and you are confident the noise is coming from the compressor, the best approach is to replace the entire unit. This is a more cost effective approach then attempting to repair the clutch assembly. If you replace the compressor I would also recommend replacing the orifice tube and accumulator/receiver –dryer. This will ensure the system is operating to specification and warrant the compressor if a failure were to occur. After you remove these components be sure to flush the system prior to assembly and recharging the system.
I just bought a 1998 prizm, it had loud noise coming from the a/c compresser also, it was the clutch was trying to kick in but was a little rusty wd40 was my answer.