Car Care Survey Report with Harris Interactive – April, 2013

RepairPal conducted a survey through Harris Interactive Polling, released on April 1, 2013. The poll details consumer opinions on car repair.

The car is another member of the family.

16% of people who own or lease a car participate in naming their vehicles. Diving deeper into that population, 30% of those who were 18 to 34 years of age participated in naming their car.

Trust is a big issue for repair shops.

66% of consumers who own or lease a vehicle believe they have been ripped off by an auto repair shop. When looking at those under the age of 34, 76% believe they have been ripped off by an auto repair shop. 38% of respondents who own or lease a vehicle worry that they cannot trust their mechanic.

14% of men and 10% of women have delayed a trip to the car repair shop because they cannot find a shop they can trust.

Repair shops have a nasty reputation for their treatment of women.

77% of respondents believe repair shops perform more unnecessary work and repairs for women rather than men. 71% of people who own or lease a vehicle believe repair shops are condescending to women. 66% of respondents believe that repair shops purposefully charge women more than men for the same repairs.

Anxiety runs high around car repairs. Really high.

41% of car owners and leasees would rather do their taxes by hand than deal with car repairs. 72% reported that "how much a car repair will cost" makes them anxious.

The gender gap exists.

48% of women who own or lease a vehicle said that being taken advantage of at the car repair shop makes them anxious, whereas only 38% of men who own or lease a car reported feeling anxious about being taken advantage of.

Customers put off car repairs for as long as possible.

75% of people who own or lease a car have delayed a car repair for one reason or another. 44% delayed a car repair due to a negative financial situation and 37% believed their repair did not need immediate attention.

Only if a car is physically smoking or spewing, 93% of respondents would bring the vehicle in within two weeks. Scheduled maintenance, however, is not a priority. 25% of car owners or leasees wait more than two weeks to schedule an appointment with the mechanic. Similarly, if the check engine light illuminates, 11% of car owners and leasees won't bring their car in for diagnostics.

The number one thing people want is a fair price.

82% of respondents said pricing was an important consideration.

Why is it so hard to find a good shop?

2 out of 3 respondent turn to friends and family for a referral to an auto repair shop (66%). 40% of women who own or lease a vehicle turn to a spouse for a referral, whereas only 20% of men are reported to ask their spouse. Only 16% of consumer turn to an online review site for a referral and 30% of respondents say they do not trust online reviews of shops.

Get his motor running.

61% of those who own or lease a car think it's sexy when a significant other/spouse/partner is knowledgeable about cars (56% of men and 66% of women).

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