Q: constant drain on battery on 1999 Honda Odyssey

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I have a constant drain on my battery. When the fuses for the sliding doors and the clock are removed it stops. So far the repair shop has about 6 hrs trying to find the problem and nothing seems shorted out. Have you heard of this problem before and do you have any suggestions that might help? Thank you.
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Had the same problem. It was the gas filler door. There is a sensor that needs to be pushed in when you close the filler door. It is a black plastic plunger switch. This tells the car that the gas door is shut and it is safe to open the drivers side sliding door. If the car thinks the gas door is open it will keep trying to lock the sliding door, thus the battery drain. If you look at your gas filler door you will see a black plastic piece that pushes in the sensor when it's shut. Make sure it is doing that. It may be going just under the plunger switch. 1999 s have a skinny black plastic piece on the filler door that easily can miss. Order a new one from the dealer, as they are now round and won't miss pushing in the switch. Worked for me
My battery is draining overnight randomly. And my fuel door switch isn't letting the passenger sliding door open. My '04 Odyssey LX has been at a Honda dealer all day today and they can't find any problems (but unfortunately two weeks ago they got me for a new alternator in an attempt to fix the battery issue). I just called and told them about this post and that these two problems are likely related. Thank you so much for sharing this information. I would be greatly relieved to know that this is all due to a worn out plastic post inside the fuel door. That would be a very inexpensive fix.