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Q: Constant Brake Issues on 2000 Ford Windstar

While driving in October 2010 we the Red Brake light came on. We took it to a local repair shop where all new brakes/ rotars were repaired. When we got it home after a few weeks the brakes failed with the pedal going to the floor. We were told the Master Cylindar needed replacing. We replaced it. In January the ABS light came on at speeds over 55 miles and hour. We were told to take it to the dealer ship to have the recall work done for the speed control switch. A week after we got home we had brake failure again. We were told the wheel cylindar needed replaced. We had it done. Then a week later the brakes failed again. We were told the ABS module is bad and a wheel sensor was bad. We had the repairs made. As we drove it home that day the ABS light came on. We were told ABS module that was put in was bad and they replaced it again for free. While driving yesterday the brake pedal went soft and vehicle was hard to get to stop. There was a loud gurgling noise and then squeeling and grinding heard from teh rear of the van. Van is in shop again. Everytime the brake failure has occure it has been traveling at very slow speeds and in stop and go conditions. (its failed three times in the kids carpool line at school) What do we need to be looking for now?
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Oh my goodness! What a frustrating, scary ordeal with brakes you have been experiencing!

With the brake pedal soft, I would be concerned with a hydraulic leak somewhere - even within the master cylinder, or at another wheel cylinder.

If you have been loyal to only one shop at this point, you may want to get an opinion elsewhere, in case the shop you are using may be in question. Sounds like you've spent a fortune already. Good luck.
The van has been at the only local repair shop with a A+ rating with the BBB. We live in a small town. The mechanic has been working with the local dealership. THe local dealership is who gave him the first bad ABS module. As of yesterday they could not repeat the problem. My brakes always fail in the carpool line picking up my children. So I picked up the tech and he came with me to get the kids. This time the brakes did not fail completely but the pedal got soft and horrible noises were made by the brakes. Finally he beleived me. For now they are paying for a loaner car while they sort through this mess. I beleive in my heart his is an honest guy who wants to make the issue right, however I am not sure he has the resources to do it. Thanks for you input.
Okay, here we go again. The van was returned to me last week. I was told the original wheel cylindars they put on it were loose. They replaced them again at no charge. Van drove fine all week.Yesterday when in the car pool line driving at very slow speeds brake pedal went soft. There was a loud gurgling noise and followed by squeeling and grinding noise coming from rear of van. The van is back in the shop. Restarting the van seems to solve the issue for a short time until the vehicle is driven as repetitive slow speeds. Any clue as to what to check next?
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