Q: Console's CD out of order on 2004 Kia Amanti

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I need to know how to take apart my Kia, amanti 2004's console. The CD is out of order
(3) Answers
Be sure the cup holder door is closed, at the rear of both sides of the console insert a thin flat tip screw driver and gently pri up to release the rear clips. Then just forward of the cup holder on either side do the same thing, and then in front of the shifter on either side do the same thing. Pull the console cover off. Just in front of the shifter you will see two screws, remove those. To unclip the panel around the radio, insert the screw driver on each side of the top of the panel, between the plastic panel and the rubber trim and gently pri towards you and there are two more at the bottom just above the screw holes. That will get you to the screws on the side of the radio to remove it.
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