Q: Connectors to Oil Pressure unit on 1992 Jeep Wrangler

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The connectors (black) to the oil pressure switch has two sides. The side of the connector that attaches to the wiring (green) to the guage has a back plug that keeps popping out ( its white) and a little oil keeps leaking from it. I pushed it back in but it keeps popping out. Is it ruined - and can I fix it - or can I buy that little connector part and just rewire it to the guage wire ?
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First you need to replace the leaking oil sending unit ASAP, before that fails completely and you lose all your oil and your engine!!
Thanks - I went ahead and did that - now the guage works again and so far the back of that connector has not come apart again. Perhaps I should wrap some tape around it for insurance ? Just so I understand - does oil actually try to blow out through that connector. Sorry if its a dumb question but I guess I don't quite understand how the oil sensor and its connections there work. Is the oil pushing agaist a piston and the wire measures the movement ? Anyway, mahalo nui loa for the reply - its greatly appreciated !
Oh, by the way - the part was $34.38 at NAPA - here in Hawaii -as was stated in another earlier post I read concerning oil sensors.