Q: Confusion over cost..what is fair and appropriate? on 2003 Chevrolet Express 1500

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Auto Express reported a leak when we had the oil changed. It is a small leak that we saw on our garage floor but the estimate from a Scotts Valley shop is $660.00 which includes $99.00 for belts. I've been told by two people that it should be closer to $250.00 but the shop where we received the $660. estimate said they can't use after market parts and the GM parts are more expensive. I'm not sure what the truth is!
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What type of fluid leak is this and where is it coming from on your vehicle? How much fluid does it leak on your garage floor? Do you have to add fluid? What I am getting at here is how bad, really is this leak? is the repair urgent? As soon as I know what type of fluid it is and where is is coming from, I will be able to help you much more.