Q: condensation iside left head light cover on 2007 Toyota Camry

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noticed a little condensation inside surface of head light cover.No water build up was present.Is this someting that should be repaired or just kept an eye on?
(2) Answers
Enjoyed reading the fixes for condensation in headlights but in my opinion it is the dealer's problem to fix and presents a safety problem, as well. Light leaves the blub must go through water droplets on the lens, which changes the lighting characteristic of the headlamp from its original intent and could be dangerous during evening or inclement weather. I am currently going to begin an action for repair predicated upon the potential safety hazards of this matter. To me it is more than a question of sucking the water out with a straw or leaving the headlights on to temporarily remedy the problem. The problem needs to be fixed and hope others share my concern.
I would recommend to just keep an "eye on it". Some condensation inside the headlight housing is considered normal and should evaporate quickly once the headlights are turned on. That being said it may be worth a trip to your local Toyota dealer to see what they say. Pick a time when there is the most condensation to bring your 2007 Camry into the dealer. They may replace the headlight assembly under warranty.