Q: Computer will not read Engine Light Code on 1995 Pontiac Sunfire

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I have been having problems with my car recently, and the engine light comes on. However, when I take it to a shop to have the engine light code read, it will not read it. I have had one technician tell me the fuse it uses to read it is blown, and have since had it replaced, and attempted to have the code read again, but it still did not work. Is there anyone else that has been having this problem? Has anyone had this issue and since fixed it? Any offered help will be greatly appreciated.
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this problem could be caused by the ECM aka computer. Normally, there would be more problems than this if it is the computer such as hard starting, rough running, or many other things. My check engine light was on in my 95 sunfire and would not read what the problem was. It also had a high idle and the battery light would come on while driving right before it would stall. I changed the ECM and all problems were solved. Cost for a new one was about $130 and I did it myself. If you do not have a mechanical backround I would suggest having a certified mechanic do it.
I appreciate your response, but I'm afraid I don't have any of those other problems.