Q: compressor clutch on 2006 Ford F-250 Super Duty

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So my ac quit blowing cold air. I checked the pressure and it was very low so I charged it back up. The ac blew cold air for a day or two then it went back to blowing warm air. I noticed that when the truck is running with the ac on the compressor clutch engages for a few seconds then then disengages for a few seconds and it keeps doing this indefinately. I checked the pressure and that is fine, do I need a new compressor or is there something else going on?
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Exactly what are you defining as good pressure? What are your high AND low side readings , while it's running , both when the comp. kicks on , and when it's not engaged. That info is very important.
On the low side pressure is 20psi when compressor is on and 40psi when off. I do not have the proper equipment to measure the pressure on the high side.