Q: cold start on 2004 Audi S4

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my audi s4 will turn over for ages before it will start,but only happens when cold seems fine when warm,changed spark plugs &all filters an gave oil change,does anyone no what this could be?
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check your coolant temp sensor readings with your tester to see if it reads correct before starting. test your residual fuel pressure. if your fuel pressure is dropping too fast or too low when shut off this can cause this type problem. and keep you reciept for the coil you replaced, you may be able to be reimbursed from audi it your car falls in to the upcoming recall. by the way, my answer to "engine" was worth 5 star rating...not 3
new to all this,never new stars meant that much so al give you a 5, am needing all the help i can get,passed the s4 on to my friend who's got a large lock up an a little bit of time to take it apart an see whats going on,aswel as the tempremental starting when the car heats up the coolant temp light flashes up along with the washer light an now the petrol light is coming on to,this only happened ocasionally & it was only the 1st 2 but now its happening all the time followed by the petrol light (all fluid levels are fine) but did notice it was using water,there is a fuel sensor code coming up on the computer but wont no others til later,could the above be linked to the starting problem?p.s also going to check your theory & let you no the out come.cheers