Coils on 1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass

My daughter needs to drive her 99 cutlas from VA to MN. We had it looked over with a fine tooth comb december 2008. We drove it to VA, no problem. She drove it while there but parked it for the summer. Yesterday she drove it for the first time since may. We thought it might need brakes and rotor. She took it to the shop they are saying car needs front struts and all coil springs. We are sure back left coil needs replacing. if we get the back coil replaced is it ok to drive 1600 miles back home?

by in Minneapolis, MN on October 08, 2009
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ANSWER by on October 08, 2009
If you are sure that the coil spring is bad, they should always be replaced in pairs. Not doing so can cause unpredictable handling characteristics. However, I fail to see how a spring can be bad, unless it has snapped or is sagging really bad... Please give us more specifics as to why you think the rear spring is bad.
COMMENT by on October 08, 2009
repair shop has said rear coil springs are broken. Said left side is rubbing against tire. She took it to another shop for estimate and they told her same thing.
COMMENT by on October 12, 2009
I disagree, if the spring is broken and rubbing the tire it is not safe to drive, get the springs replaced. If they are going to replace the springs, it will save you on labor costs to have them replace the struts at the same time. The struts have to be removed to replace the springs anyway...
ANSWER by on October 08, 2009
It may be save just do the speed limit and no extra stops
COMMENT by on October 08, 2009
Thanks for your advice.
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