Q: coil wire to spark plugs need to be replaced /also air conditioner not working. on 2004 Lincoln LS

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when we picked it up after having the air checked we started having trouble with coil wires. Replaced one @$125.00 but they say I need the other 5 replaced. HELP!

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This engine has a separate coil per cylinder mounted on top of each spark plug. Ignition coil failure is common and even intermittent, random ignition coil failure is common with this engine.
I have an 04 LS and had a misfire in coil #6, I replaced then a misfire in coil #1, I replaced then a misfire in coil #2, had to take to dealer because intake has to be taken off to get to #2 & #3 so I had them replace both. I suggest you buy 4 of them online for around $20 a piece and replace yourself (it's easy), the dealer charges a little over $100 each for the coil pack. Then it's 4 hours labor to replace #2 and #3.