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Q: Coil pack? on 2002 Dodge Intrepid

I have a 2002 Dodge Intrepid. I don't know much about cars so bear with me...

I was we're traveling up to Ohio from NC and my engine light came on. I ended up stopping at Auto Zone and he hooked the car up to the computer. It showed a missfire? He said I needed to change our #4 coil pack and put anti-freeze in it. I put in the anti-freeze and changed the coil pack ourselves. Last night the car started running hot so I took it to another Auto Zone. The guy told me to unscrew the bolt connecting to the battery in order to reset the cars computer so it would work with the new coil pack. I did. It is still heating up though.

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Auto Zone can be helpful, but they don't employ technicians who can diagnose and resolve problems. Your best bet is to take the car to a shop with a good diagnostic technician who can figure out what the error codes are and what they mean for your car.
The coil packs seldom fail. Depending on the diagnostic code, a misfire code can indicate a spark plug, fuel injector, vacuum leak or internal valve problem. Your overheating issue can be related to air trapped in the cooling system. When you change coolant you must open the bleeder screw located at the upper front center of the engine. An improperly filled cooling system will lead to overheating issuesLow coolant level in a cross flow radiator will equalize in both tanks with engine off. With engine at running and at operating temperature, the high pressure inlet tank runs full and the low pressure outlet tank drops. If this level drops below the top of the transmission oil cooler, aeration will occur drawing air into the water pump resulting in the following:

High reading shown on the temperature gauge.
Loss of coolant flow through the heater core.
Corrosion in the cooling system.
Transmission oil will become hotter.
Water pump seal may run dry, increasing the risk of premature seal failure.
Combustion gas leaks into the coolant can also cause the above problems. .
My 2002 intrepid 2.7 doesnt have a bleeder valve on the water outlet. I swapped water pump today and it still took ages to get heat into cab. I also have a click from the chain tensioner bc i dont think i got the thing to pop back out. The left heater core hose is warm looooong before the driver side hose gets warm. Is there something wrong with my heater core or do I need to just blow it out?
Can i take out tensioner and reset it without spending all day again?
Thank you
To much antifreeze. Ratio to water is not correct. Follow Users Guide to correct antifreeze to water ratio.
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