Q: codes 611, 448 and 442 on 1998 Volvo V70

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Hi! My volvo has been checked by a Volvo dealer because my engine light (lambda sign) is lit. Although my car is running well! The diagnostic from the dealer is the codes 611 (tank system leak), 448 (air pump flow too low) and 442 (air pump malfunction). What does it mean? I would like to change the parts myself if they need to be changed cuz the dealer service is too expensive! So if somebody can help me , i would appreciate. Thanks
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You have the codes but there is still more to do to pin point these problems. I was a Lead Diagnostic Tech at a large Volvo Dealership.

The 611 for Secondary air flow can be a few things, like a bad SAS valve, a bad vacuum line, a bad relay or a bad SAS solenoid or bad air pump.

The 442 and 448 can be so many things, I would start by replacing your fuel cap with a brand new FACTORY cap, make sure it is really tight. The 442 means that there is a small EVAP leak. This may not fix the problem but it is the least expensive thing to start.

here is a link on the basic checks for a 442 code that I wrote, I do Emissions Diagnosis in Calif.