Q: code P1167 on 2000 Honda Accord

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hi can anyone tell me what a code P1167 means on a 2000 honda accord I changed both sensors now I am getting this code can anyone tell me what I can check
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This is generally NOT and O2 sensor code. many shops and folks confuse this. Was there a code before you changed the O2 sensors? If not, then the replacement sensors are wrong and are driving the computer crazy. I always match the part numbers. On a 2000 Honda, certified for California the Front sensor is not an regular O2 sensor, it is an Air Fuel ratio Sensor that costs around $200. make sure that your car is Federally certified by reading the entire emissions label in the under hood area. If it is Calif. certified, it will say so, other wise it is Federal. I have seen cars in New York that were still California Certified, even in Canada.

read this article on P0171, which is the generic equivalent code it will give you some theory on what is happening to set this code. This assumes that the precisely correct type and brand 02 sensors are in the car.
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