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Q: Code P0456(not the gas cap) how much does it cost to fix a faulty vent solenoid? on 2007 Kia Optima

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The check engine light came on 3 days ago and it's not the gas cap, the 2 other problems (according to AutoZone) are either leakage in emission system or a faulty vent solenoid. This morning the car had trouble starting and the engine sounds "weaker" than it used to.
Another name for that part should be a purge valve. Not sure on this model but most easy to find in engine compartment. Look for a little green cap located on hose that comes from fuel tank and part usually near that. Inspect your hoses carefully on that line especially near the valve. Might just be small crack or disconnect of hose. If not leak i'd replace valve. Will lack power with this problem- motor relies on the evaporated fuel from tank.
Thank you very much for your response. I took it to a local repair shop and they ran smoke through it and did find a leak, they are not sure at this point exactly where and have to "take off the tire".
The smoke test should've pin-pointed exact location of leak. Crazy cuz i've never seen any of these evap lines run anywhere near a tire. Generally start from top of fuel tank maybe running along frame or center of car all the way to purge valve and canister to intake. I'm not a mechanic just a parts guy but taking off a tire to find leak in evap system makes no sense to me.
With the driver side, rear tire off the mechanic showed me the smoke leaking. it was in the area where you would be filling the gasolene. He had the smoke maching attached to the place you would put the gas nozzle at a filling station.
He said he would have to remove the wheel well covers to see exactly where, but...then he told me he doesn't work on "foreign" cars. So now I had to take it to a dealership...argh. Thank you for your replies. CJ
Hope this guy didn't charge you must it really sounds like he's blowing smoke up something else of yours lol I really doubt you have a leak- smoke probably being pushed through that green cap i told you about and coming out through the filler neck cuz thats beginning to end. Starts at cap and goes all the way through lines to tank. I'd price a purge valve solenoid for your car and if good price replace and see what happens.
LOL, you were right, the smoke he saw was coming out of the filler neck and the vent was designed for that! He was going to charge me then decided not too. The other place I took my car couldn't find anything wrong so they cleared the "check engine" light and nothing has happened since.
Thank you for all your advice I really appreciate it.
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