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Q: Code P0430 on 2004 Chrysler Sebring

code P0430 the mechanic said it is the emissions, catalitic converter. They said I need to replace 4 parts. Of cost totaling $1,546.48 How do they know I need all of those parts without testing each one? They scanned and printed out the parts within 3 minutes. The only symptom the sebring had was the service engine light was on. Another mechanic said maybe it could give that code if I put in bad gas. They turned off the code and I drove 50 miles and it didn't come back on....I am so confused. when I stopped at a light today the oil light went on then it flickered and went off... At last oil change I had them put in the high mileage oil. Now if I add oil or get an oil change do I have to stay with the high mileage oil?
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I think someone is just guessing at it I would take it to another shop with your print out and see what they think
ok, now I have just over 93,000 miles. I had to have the heat resistor replaced. Funny thing about the service engine light. It will go on and stay on for a while then sometimes when I start up the car the service engine light is off and will stay off for a while. Also I hit a pothole pretty hard recently and the airbag light went on and has stayed on.... One mechanic said I have to take it to the dealer because they don't deal with airbag issues. He also said I could have put in bad gas thats why it is throwing a code for the emissions. Do you think the airbag will not work if the airbag light is on? Is there more than one sensor for the airbags? If so then if one sensor is not working will the other sensors work? I am confused.
91,500 miles. ok now I don't know if you read my last posts about the thermostat and the full scan i had before i had the new thermostst put on. but all that popped up then was the thermostat. when he removed the thermostat the top part of it was missing. by the way the service engine light was on when i bought the car about two years ago and i went through 1 1/2 winters with no heat. so about 5 miles after the thermostat was put on the service engine light came on. i went to the chrysler dealer's service manager and told him that his mechanic said my thermostat was working and refused to fix it back in october. He said i was getting warm air and to keep the coolant up. they wanted me to put in a new waterpump! The car never overheated or showed signs that I need a waterpump. its not losing coolant and not leaking. they said i had a very small leak. so then i showed him the bottom of the thermostat and told him that this is what the mechanic at another shop took off my car today! he told me the mechanic broke it off. i told him i was right there when he took it off. then he said it must have broke off and went into my engine. i asked him where in my engine and he said a compartment in there.!!!! so they scanned the code and it was the emissions. then printed out the 4 parts they say i need. I drove a little bit and the service engine light came back on. so yesterday i went back to my mechanics shop. The service engine light was om still so he scanned the code and shut the code off. I have drove about 100 miles since and the service engine light didn't come back on. but as i said the oil light came on and then off and I am not ready for an oil change as far as the miles i put on since my last visit. ok now i go to my mechanic today. he had to put in 1 quart of oil and he put some stuff in my gastank. i do alot of city driving. i also had him put a pair of lift supports for my trunk. I decided to go ahead and get a full tune up. the sepentine belt was pretty cracked. ok now when i started up the car the airbag light was on and stayed on. so the mechanic did a scan and it was for the seatbelt restraint. now they don't fix that so i have to go to the dealer. i don't have the code and have no idea how much that costs. anyhow someone told me i need synthetic oil in that car. i never used it before and and heard once you use it you always have to use it. is that true? and should i be using high mileage oil? sorry this is so long but i drive about 800 miles a month an dont want to be stranded.
Ok. Here is what I found out: if you go to the following websites you should be able to see what recalls dealership should fix for the Sebring cars. and For the seat belt recall the #is:04V53200 and the manufacturer to call for this is:Daimlechrysler Corporation:1-800-853-1403( fix for free).

I also read somewhere that if your oil light is flickering that could mean that you have a bad oil sending unit and it's probably leaking also.
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