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Q: code p0001 code,already changed camshaft sensor car still wants to die at on 2008 Kia Optima

My car wants to die at stop sign after it has been driven about 5 miles.
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your answer is rather generic lol "Proper cleaner"??? how many people actually know which one would be the proper cleaner, you might want to be a little more specific to name of cleaner that would be "Proper" in most cases yes you might be right maybe just maybe if this guy installed the sensor he needs it erased which in terms coming from tuning you need to find someone who has the "code eraser" I have a 2006 focus zx4 se, 1987 f150 4x4, 1995 ford f150 4x4,1997 ford expedition Eddie bauer 4x4 with a 2003 ford FX4 Crew cab diesel 4x4. and how do you know it's not the 02 sensor??? the exhaust sensor is enough to throw any car/truck outta whack. I have a "generic" idea when it comes to vehicles in general on what to do and how to get it done right lol ;-)
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exhaust sensor really, the real name is 02 sensor. I don't think an o2 issue will cause stalling unless its a newer diesel. btw im glad you have all those FORDS. lol
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Doesn't have a P0001 code. Maybe the cam sensor wasn't the problem, possible dirty throttle plates causing idle concerns. Don't know where this other guy came from, sounds pretty professional to me,,,, NOT.
its from researching what people are constantly doing with their cars/trucks in general and if you read the car manual it would state the same thing under "Warnings" its rather generic across the board and from the sounds of your car you need all the help you can get ;-)
anything to do with codes in general usually means that your car needs to be scanned to find out where the problem originates from.In most cases your car is letting you know something is wrong.
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