Q: code 71 on 1994 Toyota Corolla

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I have a 1994 toyota corolla with engine code 71. I have replaced both egr modulator,vacuum switch valve and cleaned the egr valve.I have also reset this code 71, but the check engine still coming back. how can I tell if the egr valve is bad?
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Attach a small diameter hose to the EGR port of the ERG valve, suck on the end of the hose with the engine running, the engine idle should get rough and the engine may even stall if the EGR passage ways are clear and the system is working efficiently. Check the tech links at this website (free)
I am not very familiar with EGR valve. could you tell me which EGR port I should use? the are two ports on egr valve itself. one is pointing straight up and the other one is located on the side and it has this little bend. I did performed a vacuum test earlier using the port that is mounted on the top, but I didn't see any changes at all.does it mean that the egr is valve is bad? I hope I used the correct port that you were talking about..
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