Q: Code 420- Catalytic converter on 2000 Toyota Solara

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I had a 420 code come up and failed my smog. Should I replace the catalytic converter or check the O2 sensors or check if I need flash the computer? Thanks,
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A P0420 code on the Solara is usually a bad cat. converter and the state of California only allow direct replacement original equipment. Make sure what ever cause the failure of the cat converter to fail in the first place is repaired or you will damage the new cat converter. Do check the O2 sensors a bad reading may fool the computer in your car to thinking the cat is bad.
It is very doubtful that the code p0420 setting in your 2000 Toyota Solara is caused by a faulty catalytic converter. Also, my search did not turn up any information for a computer re-flash for this problem. It looks as if a new catalytic converter is what is needed here. Please make sure you have a factory level catalytic converter install, using a lesser quality may cause the code p0420 to return fairly soon. Please use the following link to the RepairPal estimator to find out the estimated cost to replace your catalytic converter -