Q: Code 16990 on 1998 Volkswagen Cabrio

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My Check Engine light is on and the car is throwing the 16990 code. Any suggestions for narrowing down the possible causes. Thanks!
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Thanks for the answers. Hopefully it will be warm enough to work on the car this weekend (I think I have the only house in CT without a garage!). I am praying it's just a dirty throttle body. I don't see any vacuum leaks, etc.
This is the code info: 17990 P1582 Idle Adaptation at Limit

The idle control system on your car compensates to keep the engine idling properly, when it has to over compensate, it sets a code. Vacuum leaks are a main cause, but it could also be the result of one of the sensors in the engine management system. Perform a visual check of the vacuum lines and intake hoses and look for loose clamps, disconnected hoses etc.
Sorry I wrote 16990; should have been 17990 (idle adaptation at limit) and that is the only code showing.