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Q: Clunking noise in front end. on 2002 Chrysler Town & Country

There is a clunking noise coming from the front end of my 2002 Chrysler Town and Country. It has new struts and has been aligned. The mechanics can not find anything wrong. It makes the clunking when I hit big bumps at low speeds and the noise can originate from either the left or right side.
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I had the same problem with my 2002 Town and Country Limited. I took it to the mechanic and had the sway bar links and ball joints replaced and still had the same clunking noise when going over bumps at low speeds. The van sounded great on the highway, but country roads were horrible. I was about to replace the struts and pay another 700 dollars when i read somewhere that the sway bar bushings could wear and cause the noise. I took it to the mechanic and he said absolutely not it would be a waste of money. Being the stubborn guy I am, I went to NAPA and bought the two bushings for 12 dollars and replaced them myself in an hour. I took the van for a test ride and the noise is completely gone. Please ignore your mechanic and replace the bushings ASAP! Pretty cheap try even if it doesn't work.
SIMON,SOUTH AFRICA- I had the same problem on a 2005 chrysler limited, and I replaced sway bar bushings and the problem was gone.
I have an 02 Dodge Intrepid - hopefully this will help me as well. I'll let you know when I have the repair done.
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Not sure without being ale to drive the van first hand and being able to hear the noise but had a similar van in recently that had the struts replaced to eliminate a noise heard going over bumps. It was assumed the struts and strut mounts were bad. I disconnected the sway bar link and tied it out of the way. Drove the van the noise went away. The ball and socket joint was worn on one of the sway bar links.
Good call. Given that the struts have been replaced, I would assume that the sway bar bushings are worn. I had the same problem and replaced sway bar bushings and sway bar links. No clunk since that repair 1 year ago.
I have had the same noise. I have been fighting it for two years now. I have replaced the whole strut assembly on both sides, Rack and pinion, sway bar links, tie rod ends, strut caps, motor mount, and still haven't found it. I am going to change out the sway bar mounts soon because I think that will fix it. If that doesn't work I will replace the a arms. I am sorry for your troubles but will post back when I find it.
I had the same noise and I chased it for two years. I replaced evrything on the front end that has a joint or bearings. I found it a few months ago. I unbolted my swaybar and placed three washers on top of the swaybar bushings and bolted it back up to the frame. Just like magic,,,,, I have no noise. It was because my swaybar bushings were worn and not as tight in the mount as they should have been.

his what I replaced:
Swaybar ends, both struts and strut caps, rack-n-pinnion system twice, both front axels, all of the ball joints, break callipers, wheel bearings, and maybe a bit more.

I spent $4500.00 taking the advice of mechanics and never got the
noise fixed. They felt bad and bought a head set with five microphones that I could clamp under the van to find where the noise was coming from. I spent one morning and $1.00 woth of washers and hurrrrrayyyyy!
Well, thanks to you all, I changed the sway bar bushings and it fixed the problem!
Who would have guessed. The ones I took out looked fine, but perhaps there was some play in them and the sway bar could clunk, clunk, clunk. What a friggen relief!!

Thanks to all that came to my aide!!!!!
I had the same problem in my 2005 Town and Country I replaced the sway bar bushings and the problem was fixed. The person at the parts store told me to get the aftermarket urethane and not the OEM because they were of poor quality.
I also had this type fo problem. Replaced swaybar and bushing KEY here is to add a piece of ruber around bushings this helps secure them when you screw in the metel clamp to the car. sway bar end link, quick struts , control arms with ball joint and control arm bushings. STILL HAD A PROBLEM found the control arm bushings had play in them when you hold the tire at 3 & 9 oclock and shake. I added a1/16" shim 2"long that i made around the bolt that goes thru the control arm bushing , had to hammer it to get it in. That did the trick NO MORE NOISE

Hope this helps
On Our 2000 Chrysler Town and Country-Limited had the anti sway bar links replaced and that stopped the clunking noise.
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