clunking noise on 1999 GMC Yukon Denali

when i am coming to a stop i hear a clunk and when i accelerate i hear a clunking noise i also changed the shocks and rear u joint can you please tell me what causes this

by in Pawtucket, RI on March 16, 2009
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ANSWER by , October 09, 2010
you need to lubricate the spline on the drive shaft yoke that slips into the transmission,it is dry and will cause this
ANSWER by , March 17, 2009
Does this help? Information on 2-3 Upshift or 3-2 Downshift Clunk Noise. Some vehicles may exhibit a clunk noise that can be heard on a 2-3 upshift or a 3-2 downshift. During a 2-3 upshift, the 2-4 band is released and the 3-4 clutch is applied. The timing of this shift can cause a momentary torque reversal of the output shaft that results in a clunk noise. This same torque reversal can also occur on a 3-2 downshift when the 3-4 clutch is released and the 2-4 band applied. This condition may be worse on a 4-wheel drive vehicle due to the additional tolerances in the transfer case. This is a normal condition. No repairs should be attempted.
ANSWER by , April 25, 2010
front cv joints loosened. replaced mine and fixed.
COMMENT by , February 25, 2011
did your 4x4 make this noise in the front before you changed your cv joionts
ANSWER by , May 15, 2010
when i take off i here my brake drums on the left side making crazy noises like its sticking.
ANSWER by , December 07, 2010
A broken motor mount would cause this, I have a 2007 Denali and it had broke a motor mount already, it took the dealership 3 tries to find the issue, I had to point it out to them.
COMMENT by , January 31, 2011
By chance did the dealership fix it for free or did you have to pay for it. I feel like a motor mount shouldn't go bad that fast on a 2007 Denali and I just had the same problem. Trying to get them to fix it at no cost.
ANSWER by , October 12, 2010
check hub barron
ANSWER by , December 10, 2015
I have same problem.. it is the torsion bars the plastic mounts on them deteriorate after time and they are the culprit of the noise. guarantee it!