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Q: Clunk, then winding when taking off from a light. Now slow to shift & no reverse on 2000 GMC Jimmy

This is a 2000 GMC Jimmy 4x4 Diamond Edition with V6 Vortec 4300 4.3L, 4-speed electronically-controlled automatic transmission w/OD.
After hearing the clunk sound, noticed a winding sound, then went to about 3 rpm on gage before shifting,and continues to do that. After shift,it seems ok but I havent driven far, so not sure what will happen when going over 40mph but also just noticed it won't go in reverse either. Reverse feels like neutral now.
Bad financial situation right now, so trying to get a good idea of what the problem could be before taking in to a shop. Any ideas?
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After I posted that, I did a cold check of trans fluid...seems ok but I did notice, as I cycled through each shift for 3 seconds, that I hear a ticking sound in park and reverse, but not in others if that means anything. It's at a brake shop now..(I know...should have taken to a transmission shop but they were close and offered to take waive fee to hook up to computer and check it out. Had a previous dispute with this shop in the past but he ended up refunding some of what I was charged and asked that I give them another chance so I figured what the heck)
Prior to taking it there, I called 2 GMC Dealership service depts since I figured they would be most familiar with common problems that would cause my problems...Based on my quick notes, one said something like "sounds like Reverse emplate drum..reverse carrier houses clutches inside trans"....other highly recommended a local trans shop. I called them and was told sounds like "reverse reaction shell, splines could be stripped or broke and quoted $1595 for complete overhaul/rebuild with a 12mth/12k mile warranty.
Called another trans shop and they said sounds like front sun gear? - Rebuild and installed with tax = $1300

Anyway, on the way to the brake place...the check engine light came on on the way there and was told it's showing code P0758 (He said 2 shift solenoid or circuit fault) I looked up too and shows as 2-3 Shift Solenoid Valve Electrical (Shift Solenoid B Electrical)
He said I have 3 options...(1)he found a trans with 97k miles on it - 45 day parts/labor warranty for $1288
(2) If I decide to let them try to fix mine, could range from $1200min to $1800 max with 1 yr warranty (think he said parts only)? (3) I find a trans and they install for $500 labor but he couldn't warranty parts (4)get another used vehicle.

As a single woman, my biggest worry is being taken advantage of.
Ironic thing is that I think I jinxed myself. A few days before this happened...I said that "I just pray that this truck makes it through 1 more winter. After losing a 15 year career, I lost everything. I'm stuck in a minimum wage job, 21 miles away, and paying my way through college to finish my degree hoping to turn this situation around. I had a little bit of savings left and will be graduating in December and am really hoping that I will be able to find a better job. I can't afford another used car, and this repair will take every last dime that I had left so I'm just sick with worry about what to do. The truck has 150k miles on it....I'm pretty sure needs lower ball joints soon and have been told that I should replace the shocks. I just put new tires on it 6 mths ago and it's in pretty decent condition otherwise.
Please advise? What would you do? Risk letting them put in a used transmission, try to rebuild mine, or look into a remanufactured transmission? Should I try to find a transmission myself?
Your reverse shift cup has broken. You can still drive the vehicle forward but reverse is gone. I had this problem twice with my 99. The first time it happened I was driving down the interstate running 65. I was told by the shop that the factory cup is not strong enough to handle the force of the transmission. So my mechanic installed a "revised" one, it cost about $1200 to get it fixed cause the transmission must be dropped and pulled apart.

The second time, after about 10,000 miles, just like you I was leaving a red light. When it happened I knew exactly what it was. This time the mechanic (I used the same one) replaced it for free since it was less than a year since the first time. And when he replaced it they had "revised" the already revised one. So it is supposed to be even stronger.

He said that if you just hop in the vehicle and go without letting it warm up it causes it more. Being as us women are always in a hurry to get where we are going that was my problem.... I know it's not the news you wanted but you are looking at about $1200 to $1500 to get it fixed.
Thanks for the help. Ended up costing me $1700 to have trans rebuilt. Not something I wanted to do on a truck with 150,000 miles on it but didn't have much of a choice at the time. Mechanic showed me the gears and they were pretty worn and damaged. About taking off in a cold car. Your right, I do that a lot, but I looked that up recently and read that it is ok to do that. That you really shouldn't let the vehicle warm up too much before driving and that vehicles with remote starts cause more wear for that reason. Who knows. Thanks though!
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