Q: cluch is sticking on 1993 Ford Probe

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my cluch is sticking to the floor when i try to drive it and is fine when i get the cluch free i start to drive and i can shift into other gears but when i have to go into first agin it dies on me what can i do to fix this
(2) Answers
If the clutch pedal is sticking to the floor then it could be an issue with the hydraulic clutch system. You state that when you get it free and start to drive it's fine but dies when you have to shift into first. If the clutch pedal sticks to the floor consistently then I would look at the hydraulic clutch parts, specifically a leak. If the clutch won't disengage then it could be hydraulic issues or something wrong with the clutch itself. You will have to look to see if the clutch fork at the transmission is moving when the clutch pedal is pressed. If so then I would look into a possible clutch issue. If the clutch fork doesn't move when you push on the clutch pedal then I would look for a leak in either the clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder or both.
you should try checking the clutch hydrolic cylinder and add more fluid if necessary, also, these cars are notorious for senseless sensors, try figuring out if the car has one for the clutch, get a Hanes manual and read up.