Q: clock does not keep time on 2001 Lexus RX300

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I keep setting the correct time on the dash clock but every morning when I get in and start it up it is off by several hours. No pattern noticed as far as what it changes to. Any ideas why?
(2) Answers
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Does the stereo also loose its preset stations? If so check the fuses the same fuse supplies power to stereo radio presets and time clock.
I had the same issue with my Clock (2001 RX300). I brought it to the dealer, they wanted to change-out the entire radio at my expense. I decided to pass on the costly repair. A few weeks later, the car battery died. I tried to jump the battery but it wouldn't take a charge. I put a new battery in my RX and WAALLAAAA, clock started working again. I think a dying battery was the cause.