Q: Climate Control, no heat, ac leaks condensation in car. on 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse

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When A/C is on, it blows cold but eventually, water accumulates on floor pan, heater will not blow hot, Heater core isn't leaking and I assume the water is condensation? Any suggestions? Have taken to shop, for dx, but they didn't seem very confident. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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I highly suspect that you are correct in assuming that the water accumulation is A/C condensation. The most likely cause is a clogged evaporator case drain. This is the water seen dripping under vehicles when the A/C is running. Yours is probably clogged and overflowing into your car. Locate the drain, which is usually on the lower passenger side of the engine compartment firewall. It usually can be freed up with a piece of some light wire probing into the hole.
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