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  • Clifford M. Smith, Owner
  • Established 2006
  • 4 Auto Repair Mechanics on Staff
  • 1 ASE Certified Auto Technician
  • 63 Years of Car Repair Experience

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28 Verified Reviews
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by - Verified Customer November 03, 2014

The do good work. You can trust that they do good work. They seem to be very knowledgeable.

by - Verified Customer November 03, 2014

They got my car serviced just in time for my birthday. It was on short notice too.

by - Verified Customer October 31, 2014

Great service and price. Cliff and Terry are great people. I trust Cliff.

by - Verified Customer October 31, 2014

They were courteous and fast. They fixed all the problems. They were honest and they did good work.

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by October 30, 2014

The car was fixed perfectly and price was reasonable. The people are in my community that I know for a small business.

by - Verified Customer October 30, 2014

I found them to be honest people. I found their work to be satisfactory.

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by - Verified Customer October 30, 2014

He does a damn good job and he is honest. Finding an honest mechanic is what I need. To fix the car the first time and be straight forward.

by - Verified Customer October 28, 2014

They are considerate, accurate, fair in price, and quick. They have provided a loner car. I feel they are trustworthy.

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by - Verified Customer October 27, 2014

They are honest and straight forward and meet above standards on repairs. They are courteous, answer questions, and are up front, even on estimates.

by - Verified Customer October 25, 2014

They give good service in general. They seem to be very honest.

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by - Verified Customer October 25, 2014

He is always very courteous. I think he is always very fair.

by - Verified Customer October 25, 2014

We really like Cliff and they are on time and are reasonably priced.

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by - Verified Customer October 22, 2014

He is honest and up front with you. He will tell you what you need fixed or what you don't need. He is honest to his customers. I hope he doesn't retire any time soon.

by - Verified Customer June 07, 2012

The quality of the repairs is really, really good and the quality of the diagnostics was very thorough and excellent and the knowledge of the front desk staff in matters of car repair and car systems exceeded my expectations.

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by - Verified Customer June 02, 2012

Cliff is a very honest and trustworthy mechanic. He gets the job done.

by - Verified Customer June 02, 2012

The staff was very friendly. The owner works in the shop and is very personable.

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by - Verified Customer May 31, 2012

Good, honest people and good to work with.

by - Verified Customer May 25, 2012

I would trust Cliff's with any vehicle I have or my friends or family has. Very reliable.

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by - Verified Customer May 25, 2012

After meeting Cliff maybe 2 years ago, I've sent every vehicle I have owned and every vehicle my family has owned in to Cliff's. I own a small business and he takes care of all of our fleet vehicles. I have recommended everyone I know to go to Cliff. He's the best mechanic I've ever encountered. I've even asked him to repair a lawn mower and he had no problem repairing that for me. I've never had bad service from him. He has actually saved me money by telling me that other proposals I've received from mechanics were not the true fix for the problem and he was able to save me money. I'll use Cliff until he doesn't fix cars any more.

by - Verified Customer May 25, 2012

I'm very pleased so far. Everything seems to be ok. I would go back there.

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by - Verified Customer May 25, 2012

Everyone is extremely friendly there and helpful and I will definitely be back when I need to.

by - Verified Customer May 24, 2012

He is a very honest mechanic and that is rare to find in the automotive industry. Anyone who goes to his shop will get honest treatment.

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by - Verified Customer May 21, 2012

I had an estimate on my air conditioner. It was 200 dollars under and they did a fantastic job. Friendly staff.

by - Verified Customer May 19, 2012

Honest and reliable.

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by - Verified Customer May 17, 2012

They seem to be genuinely concerned about the customer and recommend cost effective repairs when they could be charging for more expensive solutions.

by - Verified Customer May 04, 2012

The company is very nice. All of the employees are respectful and nice.

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by - Verified Customer May 03, 2012

From my last experience to this one that I just had recently, I could see that there was improvement.

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by Iris

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One of the true benefits of Cliff's Car-Tech is that the owner, Cliff, oversees much of what happens in the shop. His experience, along with that of his techs, is what we like to see in our Certified shops. With three technicians on staff, including one ASE certified tech, their team boasts an impressive 63 years of combined experience. Cliff's also has a well-rounded assortment of quality scan tools, covering all of the makes and models they service. The building is clean, well maintained, and easily accessible. They offer a shuttle service if you find yourself in need of a ride and they have WiFi in their comfortable waiting room if you should decide to wait while your vehicle is repaired. They are also open on Saturdays.



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Cliff's Car-Tech is conveniently located in Northwest Harris County, across from Langham Creek High School (one of the most populated schools in the Nation). We are a master technician owned family business. We fix foreign and domestic and offer a 36 month or 36,000 mile warranty on most repairs!

The facility offers 12 work bays, Wi-Fi, best-in-class parts, and friendly, dependable advice and service you can trust.

Cliff's Car Tech will be closed Monday, September 5, 2016 for Labor Day weekend - Y'all have a safe one!

-Cliff & Teri


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Questions Answered by Cliff's Car-Tech
what is best tpye of oil and weight and wh...
The following are approved for use in your vehicle:

U.S. Vehicles Model Year 1998 - 2003 Engine Oils

MB-Approved Synthetic Engine oil, MB Sheet 229.3
Castrol Syntec 5W-40
ELF Excellium LDX 5W-40
Pennzoil Platinum European Formula 5W-40
76 Pure Synthetic Motor Oil 5W-40
Kendall GT-1 Full Synthetic Motor Oil 5W-40

In addition, Mobil 1 Full synthetic 5w-40 is an excellent oil.

Filters may be purchased at your MB dealer;
most auto part stores will also have an equivalent oil filter for your vehicle;
Mann & Beck Arnley are both good after -market filters
2004 VW Beetle 2.0L 4A GLS; mileage 57K; ...
this is a tough question to answer with true accuracy. v.w. states that " belt should be replaced at 60k, no later than 90k " NOT a very clear answer. This is the bottom line, I have seen them break prior to 90k although only 2 or 3 times. the odds are very much in your favor but the risk you take is very pricey. broken t/belt will cause engine damage(90% of the time bent valves = head removal=1500-1900 $) 10% damaged pistons (you don't want to know $). long winded way of saying anything past 60k is a gamble. p.s. if you do have the belt done replace water pump as well as these pumps use a plastic impeller that is a very common failure for v.w. and choose a qualified facility for this repair (christian bros. , mph auto, star tech, or us) as many shops are not familiar w/ german autos. thank you--cliff
The headlights do not shut off automatical...
you have a somewhat difficult situation. function of the auto headlamps on this vehicle is controlled by the instrument cluster module(computer) with some help from the assist module(computer). this does not mean either module is defective. what it means is that it will take a very qualified technician to determine if the modules are receiving the correct commands or if the modules themselves are unable to control the headlight circuit. having said all of this i would think most likely the modules are not receiving correct data therefore do not know to de-energize the headlight relays
my heater is blowing but not haeting ihave...
most common reason for no heat in a Chrysler is air trapped in heater core. Chrysler engineers in their infinite wisdom placed the heater core higher than the radiator. to bleed the air one must raise the front of the vehicle(until the radiator is higher than the heater core-usually 3-4 feet) while running to "burp" the air. having said this the other two most common, use of stop leak in cooling system(clogs heater core first) and temp. blend door not functioning.
water leak from lower back of engine
3 potential components to check. most common on older 350's is heater hose nipple that screws into the right rear of intake manifold. 2nd is intake manifold gasket blown at coolant ports(front or rear) if it is a freeze plug(rare) then mr. trans is correct you must remove transmission to access freeze plugs.
gas guage not working when turning ignitio...
two possibilities for you on this one. 1. fuel gauge sending unit is bad(most common and located inside the fuel tank). 2. gauge itself is bad(you would need the complete instrument cluster replaced. you will need someone fairly qualified to determine which component has failed.
The bearing and pulley sheared off of my 1...
i know of no reason you could not operate the vehicle w/out an air pump as this parts only function is sending air into the catalytic converter for reduced emissions other than the check engine light is on so you will have no way of knowing if another problem arises. o.e. pump is about 420.00 installed
How do you put the wire on the brake pads ...
the wire (retention spring) is difficult to install (even for us sometimes). install one end of spring completely then use a suitable tool (typically large screwdriver) to pry spring around caliper housing and install other end of spring. if both ends of the spring are installed to their full depth ( in the holes)then it is installed correctly.
had check engine light code saying i had a...
one cannot make the other one go bad. verify the code with the repair shop as they are different for each side. p0420 is for bank one (right side) and p0430 is for bank two (left side). these are cat. conv. efficiency codes. this does not mean the converters are bad, only that the o2 sensor signals are too close to a mirror image of themselves. having said that, Ford converter failure is fairly common for many reasons(as mentioned by raiderron) FYI those converters are covered under your emission warranty by the manufacturer 8 years/80,000 miles
I have the 2011 VW Jetta S (base) model, a...
Steven, I think if you want to know how much it should cost for VW to install cruise control, you should contact the VW dealer directly. Sorry, we can't help you with dealer pricing here.
Why do some forums say this model has a ti...
Toyota for a long time used timing belts with their 4 cylinder engines. However, with the advent of the 2AZ engine (your 2.4L L4) and variable valve timing (VVT) Toyota elected to use a timing chain. So your Solara has a timing chain. (The 3.3L V6 Solara uses a timing belt.) The timing chain requires no specific maintenance. We do caution though that you be extremely consistent with 3,000 mile oil changes, as stretching the distance between oil changes is NOT recommended for the VVT engine.
how do I remove latch end of seatblet, d...
move drivers seat all the way forward, this will reveal the bottom end of the seat belt assembly. pop the plastic cover off the very bottom , you will see a single bolt. remove bolt. when you put the new one in this bolt MUST be torqued to 30 ft. lbs.
I would like to retro fit a Taylor Vortex ...
to remove throttle cable simply hold throttle linkage in place and pull the cable end piece firmly toward the front of the vehicle, snapping the end piece loose from the linkage. the second part of your question is more difficult as there is no adjustment of the cable possible. i would assume the manufacturer of this tower is aware of this and it would be designed correctly to accommodate correct tension in the throttle cable.
Prior to having our ignition switch replac...
unfortunately the repair technician/facility is correct, this is an aftermarket antitheft system although it could have certainly been installed by the selling dealer prior to your purchase. having said that i do not understand why this would be an issue as the repair technician/facility should( in my thinking) and can re-attach the wiring for it and everything should work as it did before
2008 camry automatic transmission.first ti...
There are any number of reasons. Anything from low on transmission fluid ("Toyota Genuine ATF Type WS" only!!) to blown fuse or even transmission failure (just to name a few). I assume you checked the parking brake is not engaged (trust me, we've seen everything!) About the only thing you can check in the driveway is the fluid level - DO NOT OVERFILL! The vehicle does need to be checked out to diagnose the problem, even if it's just low on fluid (to determine the source of the leak) to prevent further damage.
I cannot get the radio to work although th...
yes, you will need the security code to reset the radio. this number should be included on a card that came with the vehicle when you bought it. if not available, you may contact the BMW dealer to obtain this code; have the title handy as you will need to verify ownership to obtain this code.
Otherwisw runs perfect. Do I have a value...
likely you have valve guide seals starting to harden, allowing small amounts of oil into the cylinders after extended periods(no one can cause this w/tampering nor sabotage)usual causes lack of timely oil changes and/or simply high mileage. advising a course of action without knowing the condition of the engine would only be dishonest. in most cases if this is the only concern then no action is needed as the cost of the repair far outweighs the benefits. in other words this condition, as long as it does not get severe is really not that big a deal. good luck
Volvo tech performed throttle body clean &...
big no-no to try to adjust idle speed as this is handled through the ecm. everything needs to return to factory settings and see if problem persists(probably not). if it does persist check to see if idle drops when cooling fan comes on(probably so). if that is the case then fix will be an updated e-prom as the is a voltage drop to iac when fans operate.
the starter was changed but now the car ru...
i assume you disconnected the battery to install the starter, if so then ecm has lost base learned values. drive vehicle 10-15 minutes in stop and go traffic and it should relearn. if not then a trip to your local mechanic will be in order
while engie is not on what is going on wit...
you have a linkage/bushing issue. either end of the shift cable contains a bushing attaching the cable to your shifter at one end and the selector shaft at the other. sometimes these bushings are serviceable and sometimes not. the cable is about 220.00 from toyota if bushings not available
My car started shaking and has gotten wors...
although anything is possible, motor mounts almost always cause vibration at idle(in drive or reverse) and are almost unnoticeable at a steady cruise. sounds a bit more like either a misfire or something out of balance or loose. i would highly doubt a motor mount will solve your problem. as for the hard steering in reverse they could be related but in the absence of any noise when in reverse i would think it would be a separate problem.
I am replacing the rod bearing and inserti...
these are torque to yield. 40ft lbs plus 90 degrees. bigger question is WHY are you replacing rod bearings? if bad then your crank is also bad. new bearings may last no longer than 10-20 seconds, depending where you bought them may well lock engine.
Car has 70,233 miles what do I need to do....
it simply means that any one of engine control/emission control sensors is operating outside of it's programmed parameters. this will require a trained technician to diagnose this correctly the 1st time. although you CAN guess, i would think that it would likely cost you more if you don't guess right the first time
but it won's start. It doesn't eve...
intermittent problem like this could be the starter failing, or possibly a starter relay. the PCM controls the ignition system, so there may be another issue, but once again, difficult to diagnose intermittent problem.
It is squealing and pulling to the right.
Average cost to replace brake pads and machine rotors for front brakes is about $200 plus tax.
Without examining the vehicle, I can't tell you if that would fix the pull, or if the rotors would need to be replaced. Teri @ Cliff's Car Tech
What's the cost to replace a starter
Did you know that RepairPal has a cost estimator function, which will show a price range for your vehicle, for your repair, for the area in which you reside? For our shop, I could get a Denso remanufactured starter for $477 and labor (4.6 hrs) is about $460, so total parts & labor would be $937, plus tax & shop fee.
suzuki has a few problems w/ their shift interlock system. has a small spring underneath shifter that breaks - roll windows up with key in run position and gently press brake pedal a few times - you should hear a slight click each time you depress pedal , if you can hear clicking then spring is at fualt. second is brake light switch (it sends signal to interlock solenoid) if brake lights inop then you need a brake light switch
I assume you are looking for the part number? If so, please call your local Ford / Lincoln / Mercury dealer and ask for the parts department. Be sure to have your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) available - this 17 digit ID (letters and numbers) is found on your windshield and on the VIN plate on the driver doorframe.
replaced gas cap twice
I'm assuming you are tightening the gas cap sufficiently, but where are you purchasing the gas cap? I recommend purchasing an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) gas cap from the Chevy Dealer, or an ACDelco (OEM) cap from a reputable parts house. If this does not resolve the problem, likely you will need to have a diagnosis performed and possibly a 'smoke' test done to look for an emissions leak. Teri
that depends on what you want; unfortunately there are too many variables to answer the question. Is the E350 a 4matic? are you interested in a new transmission? used? rebuilding yours? a certified remanufactured transmission? a new transmission from MB is likely to run $6500 for the trans, $900-1000 for labor, plus A/T Fluid, plus tax ..... just to give you some idea ....
is this car possibly still under mfr warranty? if so, refer to dealer.
and is it parking lights or brake lights that remain on ....
if it is the parking lights, it sounds like it might be the automatic light function remaining on ....
if so, that will need an electrical diagnosis by a trained technician.
my radiator is 15 years old still in good ...
I'm not quite sure what you mean by 'rod and clean up' your 'perfectly good radiator'. If it's not leaking or restricted internally, I would simply recommend flushing the coolant, which should be done periodically to maintain the radiator, as well as checking the condition of the attached hoses and replacing if needed.
Please respond with further details if there is a problem with the radiator that I haven't understood from your question.
Where do I find the clutch assembly and wi...
Unfortunately, there are too many questions to provide an answer. Which belt broke? One of the drive belts? The timing belt (I hope not!) You ask about the Clutch assembly? Is this vehicle a standard transmission? Or are you referring to the clutch assembly for the a/c compressor? for the alternator? or for the cooling fan?
Sounds like it needs to be checked out thoroughly. The only advice I can provide at this time is to check the tension of the belt, the condition of the pulleys and adjustment of belt tensioners. If you can't find the problem there, I suggest having it checked by a technician. We will be happy to do so here at the shop.
It drives for about a hr. And it stalls. I...
Not enough info to answer the question with any certainty. It's likely the fuel pump, but it could be any number of other things. Is it overheating, by any chance? Are there any warning lights on the dash before it stalls? How is it running when you are driving? Additional info is needed, and it needs to be checked out by an ASE certified mechanic.
It's likely the contacts in the steering wheel are bad. This is NOT a repair you should undertake yourself because of the air bag. It needs to be repaired / replaced by a professional, certified shop. Driving without a horn in Houston would not be advisable, and the vehicle will not pass inspection without a working horn. Come see us whenever you are ready!
The most likely answer is failure of the window motor or regulator. It is possible that it could be the window power switch, or some problem in the wiring between switch and motor. I would suggest getting it checked, but as that may involve removing the interior door panel to check the motor, regulator and wiring, be prepared to have the repair done at that time to avoid having to do the labor twice. On your particular vehicle, the window motor and regulator come together as an assembly. Labor charge should be one hour or a little more, and the cost of the part will vary depending on whether it is a sedan, coupe or convertible, (even if it's a front or rear window on sedan), but should run a minimum of $150 for the part. The power switch would likely be a less expensive repair, unless the master power switch on the driver door is involved, and that part can be pricey.
Replacing either engine mount (left or right side) is a very labor intensive job, involving 17-20 steps to remove & as many to replace the mount. I would not recommend doing this as a do-it-yourself project unless you are very mechanically inclined, as the engine must be lifted about 5-6" off the frame to effect repair. (You should be able to do it without lifting the vehicle itself, as there would be room to get underneath it.) If you choose to tackle this project yourself, I recommend, which would allow access to all the info for service and repair of your vehicle. If you choose to have it done at a repair shop, each mount should run about $100-$125; labor for the left side mount is 5 hrs (about $495); for the right side mount is 7 hrs ($695); or to do both mounts is 10 hrs ($990). We'd be happy to do it for you, and our work carries a 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty.
When the engine is cold after it sits a wh...
First, assuming this is a turn-over no-start, during the next occurrence, depress gas pedal all the way to the floor prior to attempting to start (this turns the fuel injectors off). If truck now starts normally, this means the purge solenoid is stuck open and should be replaced. If this does not correct the problem, it will need to be professionally diagnosed, which is an hour's labor charge ($100), which is probably a lot less than all the parts you've replaced trying to resolve the problem.
Well, your question wasn't very specific, but if you need information on recalls applicable to your 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe, your best course is to contact your local Chevy dealer service department, with your VIN. They will have the final word on whether recalls apply. If you have questions about a specific problem with your vehicle, please post again with more detail.
i was told my O2 sensor was bad, one conve...
This can be very straight forward or it could be BS. You will not notice any performance issues nor noise issues w/ failed o2's nor converters. For your info/knowledge ( so if they try to BS you w/ technical mumbo jumbo ) is A. Did the ecm store DTC p0420 or p430? B. Does the rear (after converter) signal stay high ? low ? or is it going high and low ? The only correct answer ( if you have a failed converter ) is the signal is going high and low. If they do not know what the rear o2 is doing then they cannot possibly know the converter is in fact bad. Having said all of this , unfortunately , Nissan converters are know to fail regularly. P.S. no mileage is stated ( and likely you are over ) but ALL converters on any make are covered by the manufacturer 8 years / 80,000 miles. P.P.S. Only the top 5% of technicians out there can determine if a converter is "weak" and 0% can tell you how long it will last ( 1 week or 5 years ). Hope this takes some of the mystery out of this process
Is there a recall on this problem? And if ...
No recalls ( recalls are for safety or emissions only ) Disconnect your battery for 30-45 minutes and then re-connect , turn the key on but do not start for 2 minutes. This will do a soft reset on your A/C control head to relearn blend door positions. If effective you will likely be looking at replacement of control head. Also , being slightly low on freon will cause this condition. hope this helps in some way
How can I clear these codes so the transmi...
Cycling the key off and then on again will often alleviate the limp mode condition. You can clear the codes by disconnecting the battery for about 30 minutes, BUT, the codes and condition are likely to return. The vehicle needs to be diagnosed by a competent mechanic. Clearing the codes may eliminate crucial data needed to diagnose the condition correctly, to provide correct repair.
I have a question. Have you recently replaced either a taillight, turns signal or marker light bulb?
It's possible that either the wrong type bulb is installed, or it is not installed correctly, causing the lights to not operate properly. If you haven't, then you likely have an electrical problem of some sort that will require diagnosis by a competent technician.
I just gave it a tune up and replaced the ...
OK, Carlos, so the ABS light was on and you replaced the wheel speed sensor, but the ABS light remains on?
It's a pretty straightforward operation to replace that sensor, so perhaps the incorrect sensor (there are 4) was replaced, or perhaps the sensor itself is faulty. It's really impossible to answer the question without some testing. You can reach us at Cliff's Car Tech, or if you prefer to do your own work, you can access for answers for the do-it-yourselfer.
Window doesn't roll down or up, tried ...
It sounds as if the 'relearn' procedure is either not being done accurately, or isn't being accepted by the vehicle. I advise taking it to a well-equipped shop that has the proper scanners to perform the relearn by scanner.
Old baterty tested good but replaced and s...
The battery message indicates that there is a problem with the charging system, which is not limited to the battery. There may be a problem with connections leading to the battery, or more likely indicates alternator failure. Before you replace any further parts tho, I recommend testing / diagnosing the charging system to be sure. Any shop should be able to do this for you, including ours, Cliff's Car Tech.
The rear defroster works,but cannot see to...
Is the front defroster blowing from the proper vents, the ones up on the dash? If not, there is likely a problem with the blend or mode door operation. If it is blowing from the proper vents, my next question, how is the a/c cooling? If its not cooling properly, the system will also not remove enough humidity from the air to defog the windshield. I recommend testing / diagnosing the a/c system to determine the exact cause of the problem. Any competent shop should be able to do this for you, including ours, Cliff's Car Tech.
water pump replaced at 65000m & leakin...
There are really only two reasons that a water pump should fail in only 8000 miles -
either a factory defect on the water pump itself (which should be covered under warranty)
or technician error on the installation of the water pump (which also should be covered under warranty). An engine oil leak should not cause the water pump to fail ......
When the temperature outside get 85 or abo...
That's actually pretty difficult to answer as at this point we don't know if its an engine performance problem or a transmission problem. Best answer is to bring it in for diagnosis ... too many possibilities .....
<br>Code was 02 sensor bank 1/1, is there ...
Question, did you clear the check engine light once the repair was completed? It may take quite a few ignition cycles before the PCM reads that system again and clears the light on its own .......
If you've already done this, and/or the check engine light returns, Unfortunately, no, if changing out the sensor did not resolve the code, it does need a diagnosis.
When the car is on there is a buzzing nois...
There really isn't enough information with this question to answer it. If the a/c sometimes goes on and off by itself, there may be an electrical problem or a problem with the a/c control head.
This needs diagnosis by a competent shop. Cliff's Car Tech will be happy to do this for you.
Hopefully you can provide some more information as to under what conditions the noise and intermittent operation of the a/c occurs. Thanks!
<br>Check engine light came on. So i press...
Oops, sorry, I read 5200 miles, not 52k miles. Pushrod has an appropriate question re: transmission - standard? automatic? CVT? Not getting above 40 and the rpms going high likely indicates transmission problem. Take it to a competent shop that can diagnose the problem.
We are here if you need us.
problem just started suddenly. replaced re...
Sounds like this one potentially has more than one problem. Having the tires rotated and/or balanced may help with the high-speed wobble. I suggest having a reputable shop check it out. Please give us a call at 281.855.2211 if you'd like to bring it in. Thanks!
Sounds like something is loose inside stee...
For a temporary fix, you can remove the horn relay. Eventually you would need to get the problem looked at to determine what is broken and what will be needed to fix it. We can do that here of course. If you will email our shop, I can try to send you diagram of where the horn relay is located.

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