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Q: clicks instead of starts on 1994 Nissan Pathfinder

My car would not start just clicks, replaced starter and still clicks. I bought a starter relay switch but for the life of me I have looked for hours. on passenger side is a black cover with 4 single relays and 2 fuses to the right is a single blue to the left are 2 single blue. Driver side are 2 singles one light brown one blue both single. When I turn the key on it clicks, I hear a sound somewhere under when it is left on. the click I can feel in the fuse box and the blue and brown relays and a few other places. HELP. Not battery.I am stumped and wheelless help help,please
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First try using a set of jumper cables, only connect the negative jumper cable to the negative post of the battery and the other end of the negative cable to the engine block and see if the truck starts, If it does you have a bad engine ground or connection from battery negative to the chassis. Second (with the truck in park hand brake applied jump battery power to the small black/pink wire at the starter, the starter should engage if not the new starter is defective.
If your truck is automatic there is a 10 Amp fuse in the fuse box at the end of one of the two rows of fuses that sends power down to the inhibitor switch when the ignition is in the run or on position. The wire at the inhibitor switch is white/black, and when the inhibitor switch is in Neutral or Park this power is then set out on the yellow wire The inhibitor relay/starter relay should then have power in Neutral or Park on the yellow wire. The Black/Yellow wire at the relay should have power all the time from the battery unless the either of the two fuse links near the battery positive post are bad.Black at the relay is ground. I think the relay is in the middle of the the drivers fender area. The colors of the wires going to the relay are : yellow, black/yellow, black, black/pink .
On a manual transmission truck, the wire at the relay colored, Black/yellow, black/pink, black/yellow, and blue/green.
Black/yellow wires at the relay should have battery power all the time unless the fuse link at the battery terminal area is bad. Black/pink brings power down to the starter solenoid when the relay is energized, the clutch switch grounds the blue/green wire at the starter relay when the clutch pedal is fully depressed.
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