Q: clicking sound from the front tires, steering fluid reservoir hose leak on 1998 Toyota Camry

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recently my car has developed a clicking sound from both front tires, and there's a high pitched humming sound from underneath(more to the left) on acceleration, but mostly disappears when speed levels out around 1800rpm, and there's a leak precisely from underneath the power steering reservoir
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if the leak is under the reservoir, then there is a power steering leak, if the reservoir keeps getting low. Do you check the fluid level. The noise is hard to tell with just a description on line so to speak. best to have an in person technician test drive the car and really 'nail it' so to speak. Good Luck!
the rack is faulty and is causing the leak....that's what i found out after a complete diagnostic, with the dye and all. the leak from the reservoir, i was told it would take a couple of days to see the results from the dye. the whining sound has not been identified, but the general suspicion is that it has to do with the exhaust(catco) area.