Q: Clicking on the passenger side on 1994 Toyota Celica

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I just bought this car today, engine is great, mileage rocks, however there is a strange clicking under the passenger side. It sounds like it may be coming from the axle, I'm not good with cars so I wouldn't know the first thing to look at. I was looking on here and all over, It sounds like it might need a CV axle replacement? Anyone know what it may be?
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If your car makes a clicking sound on tight turns that may increase with the speed at which you take a tight turn the noise may be caused by a worn Constant Velocity (CV) joint. There are two joints on each axle, and a separate axle going from the transmission to each front wheel. Turn the steering wheel fully to one side apply the hand brake and inspect the CV boots on the axle if it is ripped grease will spray out around the axle allowing the grease that lubricates the axle to escape and the lack of lubrication causes the CV joint to wear prematurely. Another way to isolate which Axle is worn is to find an open parking lot and drive in a tight circle, if the clicking sound is more prevalent turning right than left the right axle is worn and visa versa.