Q: Clicking in gas peddle on 2007 Honda Civic

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When driving (while pressing the gas peddle down to accelerate) I hear a clicking in my gas peddle. It also occurs when I take my foot on and off the brake. To me it sounds like something it loose. I took it to Honda to have some other issues looked at an repaired and they said they did not hear it. Any suggestions?

Thank you
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Try to be able to verify the problem consistently, then take it back to Honda and demonstrate the problem to them, and make sure they hear it. Once they have heard the noise, then they should be able to address it.
Good Luck!
Thank you so much, it is only fair to target the issues so they can understand and're right. It happens every time I drive and has been occuring for about 2 months now. They changed a sensor out of some sort about 3 months ago and every since it has been making this clicking noise. I brought it to their attention and the technician told Honda that they didn't notice anything. I know it's something because it wasn't there before.

Thank you for your assistance and I will take it back.