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Q: Clicking in Dashboard When Heat, A/C, Defrost Is On on 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt

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I just bought a used 2007 Chevy Cobalt, and about two days after having it I noticed a clicking noise in the dashboard when the heat, A/C, or defrost is on. Any ideas as to what could be causing this? Thanks.
I have an 2008 cobalt and I am on my 3rd heater Blower motor! The same part melts down and then just makes a clicking noise..
i have a 2007 cobalt ss and i hear alot of noises with mine to. it started a couple weeks after i got mine as well. this car is starting to be a real dissapointment. its starting to miss and tonite it wouldnt start my starter was sticking finally i got it running. this car is more for looks everyone compliments my car yet i think i bought a piece of junk. it isnt running right i have an extended warranty but will be paying for this car way beyond the warranty. i hear alot of complaints from other cobalt owners about rattling noises and such. i think next time we should go for another type of car. just know your not the only one who has had these concerns.
i just went to get mine check out by a buddy they are just for looks i dont know why i bought one but the steering is clicking in mine and the steering column needs to be replaced said that he is getting so many of them in its crazy my whole front end needs work on it everything is going on it
I noticed a simular thing on my 05 when it had 9 miles on it, it was only at low speeds so I delt with it until shortly before the warentee was up then took it and had the blower motor replaced the bearing squel is gone now but it still does not run as smooth as it should.
i have the same problem with the clicking. they said it was a normal noise for cobalts lol. they claimed the problem was debris so they cleaned it out guess what.... the noise is still there
steering column needs to be replaced there is a greese kit you can buy and greese it but my buddy told me that it dont last long and that you need to get it replace i said no im getting a new car/ truck
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