Q: clicking on 2005 Toyota Sequoia

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Front wheel is clicking on left turns only any ideas of what this could be.
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It is hard to guess at what is the cause of a noise without being able to drive a car and experience the noise first hand. If your Sequoia is 2WD the driven wheels are the rear wheels. I would suspect the noise you are hearing may be a brake pad sensor that is just about to come in contact with the brake rotor .
If your Sequoia is 4WDIf the clicking sound speeds up as you take a tight turn I would suspect the half shaft boot has been ripped for some time allowing the grease that should lubricate and cool the halfshaft CV joint to have escaped. Apply the handbrake park the Sequoia and turn the steering wheel at the way to the left. Go out and look inside the left wheel area do you see signs of grease being flung from the CV boot or see that the outer rubber CV boot is split?
At any rate the noise is not normal and should be checked out to ensure your Toyota is safe to drive.