Q: Cleaning ETM vs. Replacing? on 1999 Volvo V70 XC

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If I should need to replace the ETM what company do you suggest I use? So I don't end up with the same ETM company that's made the current and often faulty ETM's in these volvos!
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You may not have a choice as to which ETM you install, they are probably only available from Volvo. There's an extended warranty on these ETM's, so I would check to see if your vehicle is still under the warranty.
Cleaning is good but often doesn't address the issue of a bad ETM, and the software will need to verified that is is up to date as well.
I went to dealer about R155 and to see if it had been done already. It had been but was asked to bring it in free of charge and the dealer would attempt to reset the button.. NO ETM(ETS)codes came up when tested diagnostically, but a faulty signal for the brake pedal sensor did...Making sense as to why the cruise control hasn't been working since I bought the volvo.
Apparently there is No warranty in U.K as Volvo stated that it was 200,000 miles or 10yrs old but only in the U.S. I am gutted and can't find any video link for replacement. Anyone ?