Q: clean fuel injectors on 2005 Pontiac Vibe

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recommended to clean fuel injectors when the recalled PCM is replaced. does that make sense?
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Not to me, the PCM replacement has nothing to do with deposits in the injectors. I think someone is trying to get some bonus money by selling you an injector cleaning. Not that injector cleaning is always unnecessary, but it usually is in a car less than 10 or 15 years old due to modern injector designs.
Thanks. my car has almost 95K miles, so I wasn't sure if I should just get the injectors cleaned while the car was in the shop.

Depending on what the reason the PCM replacement is for according to dealer it could make perfect sense. If PCM replaced because of fuel delivery calibration problems and dealer/manufacturer feels some deposits may have developed on the injectors because of ignition then yes it makes sense. What does the recall give for a reason. I would think if dealer is doing recall then if recommended then they should cover. If they say you pay then maybe should see how the performance is before doing it. The reason is key. Is it for your piece of mind or theirs??? SORRY Superbob I guess we posted at same time, there was no answer on this when I started.
this recall is part of the Toyota PCM thing. dealer suggested that the injector cleaning appears to "help"