Q: Clanging rattling right front sounds like around firewall on 2000 Volvo S40

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A metal clanging rattling noise toward the right front around firewall when hitting any bumps or sometimes when applying slight pressure to the brakes. By applying solid pressure to the brakes the noise will stop. Letting off brake pressure abruptly will sometimes cause the clank immediately when pressure is released. Then it resumes just intermittently and constant when on rough roads. It seems to be brake related but I'm not sure. Applying solid pressure to the brakes is the only way to make it stop.
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This sounds like the front engine mount is collapsed, which is very common on this vehicle. An experienced Volvo tech will know just what to look for.
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Good Luck!
I will definitely check the motor mount I already thought there was a problem with it because the engine vibrates really bad while in idle. I appreciate your response.
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a good visual inspection by a qualified technician is
the next step. best to find a good Volvo shop if you can.