Q: ck engine light/ needing some sensors on 2004 Hyundai XG350

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ck engine light came on- rough idle- now to the point when idle- shows very hot almost to H on meter. I put in neutral & idles a little better. checked on hand held computer & shows some sensors not working- fuel air sensor, malfunction idel speed control, this all happened after emission inspection was done in morning that afternoon this all started to happen (It passed inspection) I am bad on oil changes- & sl sludge in oil, I have 67k miles, not sure what to do at this point some say those handheld computers are no accurate.. what is the best direction to go & how much will this all cost me, I would appreciate any suggestions or help.. thank you
(1) Answer
first of all, a code reader never tells you a failed part just a part of the system where the failure has occurred. thats why you need a real diag from a real shop from a real tech.
the fact that it is overheating worries me that you may have done internal engine damage from the overheat.
the emission inspection had nothing to do with your failure

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